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2nd October 2017

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 11.09.08The Royal Marsden Magazine has published an article (which you can read, below) in its Autumn 2017 edition about the importance of the collaboration between Dr Susana Banerjee and the Glasgow Clinical Trials Unit.



About the organisation

The Glasgow Clinical Trials Unit is accredited by the UK Clinical Research Network and supports academic and commercial studies. It provides specialist services from the Glasgow Clinical Research Facility, the Robertson Centre for Biostatistics, and the Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS Research and Development department. Working in partnership Dr Susana Banerjee is a Consultant Medical Oncologist and the Gynaecology Unit Research Lead at The Royal Marsden.

“It’s important to work together with institutions that have expertise in a particular disease. Through sharing information and ideas, we can drive forward delivering treatment benefits for cancer patients across the country and internationally,” says Dr Banerjee.

Joint research projects

Dr Banerjee is the Chief Investigator of the OCTOPUS trial, looking at whether a new combination of drugs could improve treatment for women with relapsed ovarian cancer. It involves using vistusertib (AZD2014), a novel targeted drug, with standard chemotherapy drug paclitaxel. “We aim to find out if this new drug combination can improve cancer shrinkage and survival compared to standard care,” says Dr Banerjee. “We are also looking at the impact on the quality of life of our patients, and researching molecular markers that may predict which women will benefit most from the therapy.”

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