What We Fund

In 2014 the Gynaecological Cancer Fund committed to raising £750,000 over three years for a team led by Dr Susana Banerjee, Consultant Medical Oncologist and Gynaecology Research Lead at The Royal Marsden, for research into new targeted treatments for gynaecological cancers. £700,000 has already been raised.

Dr Banerjee’s research is critical in helping make life-changing treatment decisions for women with gynaecological cancers. The goal is for a personalised approach to cancer treatment that tailors drugs to individual patients. The aim is to move on from the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach that uses non-specific, largely toxic, drugs.

Findings could also have a major impact on broader categories of cancer treatment, including breast cancer.Over the next three years, her team will begin to pilot a bespoke treatment approach. Her vision is that it will lead towards routine DNA testing of all women with gynaecological cancers and a reduction in treatment costs (see Research Update).


Dr Susana Banerjee MBBS MA MRCP PhD is a consultant oncologist, specialising in the treatment of women with gynaecological cancers at The Royal Marsden. Dr Banerjee graduated with a first-class degree from Cambridge University, completed her medical training at The Royal Free Medical School and gained a PhD from The Institute of Cancer Research, University of London.

As a leader in the field she has won multiple international awards for research, lectures regularly at international conferences, has published many articles and serves on the European Society of Medical Oncology Committee.